Monster Forest with Starlet Kanny Theng as First Ever Celebrity GM

Monster Forest with Starlet Kanny Theng as First Ever Celebrity GM


Southeast Asia’s leading free-to-play online games publisher launches latest pet and farm MMORPG with community starlet Kanny Theng as celebrity Game Master


Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd (“Asiasoft”) today announces the official launch of Monster Forest, a free-to-play 3D MMORPG that combines wildly popular gameplay concepts such as turn-based skill card battles, pet breeding and mini land farming into one game. The Monster Forest game server will officially reopen at 1600hrs (GMT+8) today.


Monster Forest enjoyed a very successful Closed Beta Testing phase from 4 to 11 May 2010, which saw mass participation from over 8,000 players across the globe. Beta codes for the testing phase were snapped up from partner sites such as, who reported full redemption of codes within 12 hours of their online release.


Monster Forest


Valuable feedback was garnered from the gamers during the Monster Forest Closed Beta Testing phase, and Asiasoft has worked closely with game developer 9you Information Technology Co Ltd (“9you”) to implement vast improvements to the gameplay in preparations for the game’s official Open Beta launch. Some of these enhancements include an increase in experience points for quicker leveling, as well as an increase in pet catching rates, enabling players to tame more critters as their companions!


Monster Forest encompasses the most entertaining gaming elements for a holistic gameplay experience, earning it an average rating of 7 upon 10 among Closed Beta testers. The game’s mini land feature saw many enterprising casual gamers cultivating crops and livestock, sharing harvests and running their own cafés, just like they typically do in similar online, browser-based games. Pet lovers also took a shine to Monster Forest, with its range of over 500 exotic pets available for taming!


Kanny Theng as GM

To further convey the fun, lively spirit of Monster Forest to the mass public, Asiasoft has also signed on Singaporean host and actress Kanny Theng as the game’s ambassador. Kanny is represented by Wawa Artistes Network and presently co-hosts Wonder Chef? ??????alongside veteran artiste Mark Lee on Channel U. She  has also appeared in Channel 8 dramas such as Nanny Daddy???????and Your Hand in Mine ???????.


A casual gamer herself, Kanny has cosplayed for past Asiasoft published titles such as Yulgang Online and RayCity, and she will now delight young gamers in Monster Forest as the publisher’s first ever celebrity Game Master (GM)! In this new role, Kanny will assist Asiasoft’s existing team of GMs to police the in-game environment and to interact with players through in-game events and activities.


Kanny has also been a strong driving force within the Monster Forest gamer community, which has grown by leaps and bounds since the game’s introduction last year. Thanks to her constant posts and exchanges with players on the Monster Forest Facebook Fan Page, Asiasoft has seen a steady growth of over 7,000 fans since the page went live in November 2009. Kanny frequently shares about her Monster Forest gaming experiences through her personal blog and Twitter tweets, and has shot a four-part tutorial video series called “Monster Forest Watch & Learn”.


“We are excited to launch Monster Forest in Singapore and Malaysia as the time is right for an online game that ties all the various elements of console and browser games together into one package,” said Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. “We are also thrilled to introduce Kanny Theng as the celebrity GM of Monster Forest.  Her bubbly and infectious personality truly personifies the spirit of Monster Forest, and we are confident that she will take the game to greater heights and give players an unforgettable gaming experience!”


With the official launch of Monster Forest, more players will get to rub virtual shoulders with Kanny’s in-game avatar GMKanny, and even meet her in person when she makes her special appearance during the offline Monster Forest launch event at the Asiasoft Games Festival 2010 on 5th June 2010!


New players can get a headstart by visiting Follow Kanny, where GMKanny will show you the ropes in the world of Monster Forest! 


Monster Forest Kanny Theng

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