MU:eX700 Beta Test Begins

MU:eX700 Beta Test Begins



WEBZEN Inc. announced the start of the user beta test for MU:eX700, an expansion update for one of their famous titles, MU Online.



Today, WEBZEN has opened the MU:eX700 beta test to users for a week until May 17th. To participate in the beta test users must possess a “Gold Channel Ticket” in MU Online. During the test, all players will be able to enjoy the test from level 600.



After any changes made from user feedback during the test, MU:eX700 update will officially launch on May 31st, one week after the open beta test. At this time, the global PVP tournament will receive registrations until the end of June. Winners and participants will have a chance to win cash items worth a total of $15,000 (USD).



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “We are thrilled to announce the 7th major update for MU Online where the contents have been both enhanced in quantity and quality.” Also he said, “We will put our full efforts and receive feedback from users to continue the open beta test into official launch.



Meanwhile, will have various events giving away gifts to bug reporters and open beta reviewers during the OBT period.

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