My Untimely valentine: DC Universe February Content Update

My Untimely valentine: DC Universe February Content Update

By Stephen Boyd, OnRPG Journalist

On the dark streets of Gotham, shadowy individuals whisper of something big going down. No one knows exactly what, or when, but they know it’s going to change their world.
In Metropolis, citizens gaze eagerly at the sky, waiting for the event that is to come. Fearful of the villains that rampage on the streets, they still have hope that the heroes will save them. And they wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

And then, like a Batarang from an overcast sky, it hits us.

Before the launch of Dc Universe Online Sony Online Entertainment spoke of the planned monthly content updates and teased us with information on the February Catwoman/Valentine’s day ‘Issue’. And then all communication went dead. Until today. The first Update for DCUO will now officially land on the 22nd of this month.

To finally have a ship date is great, but this news leads to a few questions.

1. Where did Sony’s Community Managers for DCUO, if they exist, hide themselves for the last two weeks?
2. Would it not really be better to have a Valentine ‘s Day themed content expansion release on,…….oh, I don’t know,….Valentine’s day?

The official site had no updates on the content at all until the evening of the 19th, and the official Facebook page, which does seem to post info semi-regularly, also went silent. Now, I cannot claim to be an expert on these things, but I do have a little experience in the MMO game and, at this early stage of the game’s life, I really think that having that content released more than one month after launch may have cost Sony revenue and players.

Releasing that content within the 30 day period could have kept those players subscribed and I believe that the volume of content in this update as detailed on the official DCUO site could have kept them in game for another subscription period.

But content is not the only thing coming. The expansive patch notes outline a significant number of fixes for issues that have been at the forefront of the communities mind since launch. Chief among these is addressing the many issues with the chat interface that I described in the previous article. Also ability and Power issues are being addressed along with a plethora of terrain glitches and NPC problems.

It seems that Sony, despite being silent for the last few weeks have not been deaf to the players pleas. I for one can’t wait til Tuesday.

See you in the skies!!

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