Myst and Riven Arrive on Android

Myst and Riven Arrive on Android

Cyan, Inc. and Noodlecake Studios have teamed up to launch the classic puzzle games, Myst and Riven, on Android.

Today, realMyst is available on Google Play and Amazon for $6.99 USD. Riven, its sequel, will arrive soon.

realMyst features the same vast and strange landscapes of the original 1993 game Myst. Here players will wander in surreal landscapes and explore stunning vistas while trying to solve and decipher maddening mysteries that drove many gamers insane in a world before GameFAQs and Google.

The realMyst Android app includes all of the original Myst Ages and Rime Age content, including the musical score by Robyn Miller and a Hint Guide for gamers who get stuck. The modern release also includes Bluetooth controller support (including NVIDIA Shield), a bookmark feature to save progress, and simple mobile controls to navigate the world.


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