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June 26th heralds the rebirth of “The Secret World” as it becomes “Secret World Legends” a reboot of the long-standing MMO. And as I’ve said before, I didn’t really get into the original TSW, despite one of my close friends nudging me with it for years [and years]. However, Secret World Legends really appeals to me, and I do plan on taking a much closer look than I did the last game. However, to get their fans excited, they’re throwing back to the early days of TSW with a Mystery ARG [Alternate Reality Game]. Early in the TSW days, thousands of players took part in huge ARG stories, and so this is a great way to get those people excited for Secret World Legends. It’s called “Kiss of the Revenant”, and is focused on players working through intricate and detailed mysteries and apparently, the storyteller is a pretty shady, unsettling individual. It’s not without rewards though! Players will be working on a ritual, where they will ultimately wind up with exclusive weapons for Secret World Legends. And if exclusives aren’t enough to get those people playing, I don’t know what will! Not to mention, it’s free.

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“This is a fantastic throwback to the early days of ‘The Secret World’ when we ran massive ARGs with thousands of players involved,” says Game Director Romain Amiel. “We wanted to give fans an opportunity to experience that excitement again, and it is really the perfect way to get into the spirit of the Secret World universe as enter the final days before launch.” Romain’s a super nice guy and I’m really glad to see something like this pop-up, a callback to the earlier days of the game. Nostalgia is important, and it comes in all flavors. This is a wonderful way to set the stage for Secret World Legends, and for those who have not really been keeping an eye on the development of the upcoming reboot, it will paint the gloomy picture of the world you’re leaping into perfectly. Funcom worked with Alice & Smith [known for their own puzzle properties, like The Black Watchmen]. As part of this event, a special edition of ‘Secret World Legends’ will also be available soon on Steam in an ARG bundle including various exclusive in-game items and a copy of ‘The Black Watchmen’.  If you want to try “Kiss of the Revenant”, you can click the name and it will take you right to it!

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  • Endathel

    i played the first one, wasnt bad i liked the idea! i will look into this one to see how it will be!