Myth War Declaration of Love to Celebrate Chinese ValentineÂ’s Day

July 7th of Chinese lunar year, Chinese Romeo and Juliet meet each other once in a year in Milky Way. They were once forced to depart by Supreme Emperor in the Heaven. For this reason this date is traditionally known as Chinese Valentine’s day and it is the most romantic traditional festival in the long history of Chinese culture.
As Chinese Valentine Day is around the corner, something that follows will be a series of activities held by Myth War ( ). You are supposed to take this chance to experience the exotic romance dating from ancient China. Here is some general introduction to these series activities:

●Sweet Words Competition in Chinese Valentine’s Day:
Time: August 16—August 19, 2007
Content: Players can pay some points for Chocolate or Super Rose or Chinchilla pack in our Item mall and write down your sweet words, target character name and ID, server name, and your character name and ID in our forum. At the same time, players should talk to our GM in Live chat and hand gifts to GM. GM will pass your gifts with fireworks and blessing in EST 21:00—23:59.
Meanwhile, the lucky dog will obtain GM’s extra secret gifts if the layer of the player’s post is ended with number “7”. Of course, these posts are all about sweet words.

Fireworks Festival on Chinese Valentine’s Day
Time: August 19, 2007
Content: Besides matchmaking, our players can buy gorgeous fireworks from packmen and enjoy a romantic Fireworks Festival in Chinese Valentine’s Day with their lovers.
During the activity, there are several GMs who act as packmen in the four cities and sell fireworks. Players can use the fireworks with their lovers in the Chinese Valentine’s Day and enjoy a romantic online night.

Classic Sweet words Competition:
Just take this opportunity to express your love or thanks and share with all your Myth War friends.

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