Myth War: Fortune Bombing & Sales Promotion in Item mall

In addition to May Day Carnival which will come in the early May, International Gaming Gate (I.G.G.) Myth War Group brings us another wonderful activity called Fortune Bombing. It is the first time Fortune Bombing is held since the launch of Myth War Online; and the rewards are extremely enchanting- Deity Pet is included in the prize package as well.
Brief Introduction of Event Contents:
IGG registered Players will get a chance to try ‘Fortune Bombing’ when their account consumed in Myth War Item Mall reached 2000 Points. These players will have an opportunity to break an egg where a pleasant surprise may hide in. IGG will make a stat. on 25th and give out the rewards on 28th.
Brief Introduction of Rewards:
Top Prize: Deity Pet
Surprise Prize: Howling Beast / Chaotic Devil / Chaos Devil / Demon Dragon
Lucky Prize: Saint Pet / Sand Giant / Chinchilla
Special Prize: 1.3 Growth Pet
Honorable Mentioned: Item Points 100
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Another announcement the official made is about the new promotional event which should have been held in the late April. It has to be postponed until early May because the event flow still requires further improvement. Please keep an eye on the announcement released at the official site for more details.

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