Myth War: Gifts For Pet Fights

Pet system is very important in Myth War Online ( .Players who win the pet fights will be rewarded with 100 integrals and an Evil Egg.
Each pet has different skills and different advantages that they use to assist you. Even underappreciated pets like the Bloodpede and Anteater have their strengths. Well, during the New Year we decided to put the pets to the test and see who had the most fearsome pet.
Fighting began with a GMs announcement, and although many players participated, it came down to NoxiousOrchid from Server 3 as the final winner. Overcoming 20 players is no small feat as player juzz will tell you. Juzz defeated most of his opponents until being shown the exit by player Argent.
With the 1st pet fight successfully concluded, we hope that more players begin training pets to fight harder next time. To all those that participated but didn’t win, better luck next time! About the details of this event, please click here.

The first round winner of Pet Fight as follow:
Missouri: Bakal Roline
Achernar: EluneFlare Dayree
California: NoxiousOrchid Argent
Alps: Keira Plami

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