Myth War: Halloween Celebration Preview

Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate this special festival, IGG Myth War Team ( has been planning a series of fabulous activities in all servers, in the forum as well as in the shopping mall.

MW World Ghosts Cleanup

Activity Time:
Oct.31st TO Nov.6th Everyday 10:00–17 18;00—23

Some vicious insects from the Darkness of Space have secretly entered MW World and are hiding in all the filthy corners of the world. Players must first go to Desert City , buy an Enchanted Whisker from the Broom Lord, then find the insects and dispose of them. At the same time, players may find poor harmless Furby Worms.

GM Interaction Online

Activity Time:
October 31st TO November 2nd

GM Interaction Online includes several fun activities like Druggist’s trick, The Possession and Trick or Treat.

Halloween Mask Design

Activity time: Oct. 25th – Nov. 20th

The forum offers you an enchanting event to escape away from the pressures of work and a boring daily routine. You can dress up in bizarre costumes to be a witch, princess or a vampire, and dance with strangers.

Activities held in shopping mall
Finally, the shopping mall has arranged some item change during Oct. 25th to Nov. 8th.

For more information about rules and rewards for all these activities, please head over to the following URL:

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