Myth War: Have Fun with GMs

During this Christmas Carnival Month, the Myth War ( team has tailored a series of celebration activities to satisfy players.

Do survival quest with GMs
Event Time: 4:00 PM Server Time, December 8th
Location: One random map of Myth War
Event Content: Players should find and make a new team with GMs who will appear in different places on the same random map. And then protect the GMs to race to the Newbie Guide in Sky Passage.
Reward: Winners will obtain a chance to ask GMs to help him for survival quest on December 9th.

Guess how many pets are following
The events between players and GMs during the anniversary of Myth War are very popular. It shows the good relationship between the players and GMs.
Event Time: 4:00 PM Server Time on December 15th
Location: All servers
Event Content: The GM will announce the contest content of the first to the fifth round in the world channel. Players can join in the contest according to the instructions on the system prompt. One winner per round will be able to go to the 6th and final round. Five qualifiers will be teleported to a secluded site in the finals. Then they can guess how many following pets have been shown by the two GMs.
Rewards: One First Prize: One Evil Egg from Item Mall
Four Honorable Mentioned: 4 reset gems (Intellect Gem, Strength Gem, Stamina Gem and Agility Gem) for each one in every server.

Pass Joy
Event Duration: Dec 26th — Dec 28th
Event Venue: Any Region
Event Contents: Players can go to kill monsters, and they will obtain experience, as well as some mysterious gifts from GMs.

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