Myth War II: 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza

Although it never had the graphics and features to compete with the big boys, Myth War fans have been rabid in their devotion to the game, and for good reason. As the first game made available on the IGG site 3 long years ago, Myth War II holds a special place in their hearts as well. With IGG ready to celebrate their 3rd anniversary they have prepared some special events for these most devoted fans, and for the game that started it all.
1. Festal Treasury Fight
The Festal Treasury is an 8 storey building with piles of treasure on each floor, and plenty of powerful treasure guardians to ensure its safety from players looking for loot. As players go up floor by floor, the resistance from the guardians will get fiercer and fiercer. Team up to fight, and score gobs of Honor Points and prizes hidden inside boxes dropped by the guardians.
*Feeling frisky? Team up with players below Level 30 and increase the amont of Honor Points you get.
2. Honor Points
Honor Points can be exchanged for gifts at Luna’s Palace. Gifts include Saint Pets, Deity Beasts and many other highly coveted gear sets.
3. Best Wishes
Send your best wishes to IGG as they celebrate 3 years and win a special gift. Visit the designated NPC in game to participate.
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