Myth War II: Attribute Modifier Secrets – Mage

Today Myth War Online team is going to tell you teach you the techniques that are most effective in modifying the Mage’s attribute stats.Hope this will help you quick switch from a rookie to a gaming expert when playing MW2.

About Mages
Mages focus their mind on discovering the ultimate magical power. They have powerfully destructive spell attacks but relatively low stamina and weak defensive power. They are the lead strikers on the team. The destruction wrought by their powerful spells fills the void for their miserable performance in brutal physical attack. Therefore, mages wielding staffs and casting black spells are always admired and sought after teammates in Myth War II.

Mages specialize in a variety of magical skills. The smart way for mages to modify their attributes and stats is to stay MP oriented and make sure you have a high enough skill level to optimize the spells attack. But you may be concerned about how mages survive due to their awful HP levels. This brings up a question about how to modify their attributes in a reasonable way.

Skills they learn
Dark: Hits enemies with dark spell damage.
Flash: Hits enemies with flash spell damage.
Death: Causes enemies to die within several rounds (not available for monster NPCs)
Fire: Hits enemies with fire spell damage. It is a skill possessed only by male mage characters. Players love its formidable spell force.
Ice: Hits enemies with ice spell damage. It is a skill possessed only by female mage characters.

Attributes Modifier Secrets:
INT Mage: Naturally, mages have high INT bonus. Raising your mage characters’ INT will make them able to cast many more spells, causing great amounts of damage. But considering most mage’s survival ability, we recommend you raise your characters’ STA a little bit to avoid being killed in very quickly. In fact, 2 mages in one team makes for a withering blast of magic, and challenging them with low HP is the kiss of death. Mages could kill anyone in one round with the right spell.

AGI Mage: AGI mages are recommended to have high AGI stats and enough INT stats. They are helpful in combat if they are familiar with preemptive strategies and know what team spirit is. Power leveling an AGI mage character may reinforce their spell attacks. AGI mages lead with their high movement speed.

STA Mage: Working out a STA mage means keeping STA stats high and with enough INT stats to keep MP up. STA mages are good PK terminators with impressive survival abilities and shocking spell attack performance. They may win all PK combat if they don’t meet an AGI Borg. Nobody can resist an attack from STA mages and AGI borgs.

Mages pride themselves on their high INT stats and awesome spell attack power. They are good at casting spells and are the natural enemies of the logical, practical borgs.

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