Myth War II Christmas Event Preview

As this is the first Christmas since the birth of Myth War 2, the official team have been preparing and will launch two special themed events called Christmas Force and Mugged Santa Princess. Players could just experience a most unforgettable Christmas holiday in MW2 world.

Christmas Force:
Each year, Santa honors a pact with Myth War 2, delivering gifts to players in the Myth War world. But each year, Santa finds a clever new way to deliver the gifts. This year, he has decided to test our players to their limits. Only after successfully passing these tests can players get their Xmas presents this year! Good luck!

Mugged Santa Princess:
Santa Princess just loves to give – sometimes, when Santa Clause is occupied, she will deliver gifts for him. But recently, the Santa Rogues mugged her! If you can help Santa Princess get her gifts back, she will definitely pull something special out of her Xmas sack for you!

All of these holiday themed events will be available from December 20. Participate and you may win a chance for yourself to get Saint Pets or Xmas Pets.

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