Myth War II: Guide for Ice Soul Stone Quest

The people from the Myth War team have led characters into strange lands and encounters with tales of the soul stones over the past several weeks. Today they are continuing the stories of the soul stones, then next being the Ice Soul Stone.

Quest description

Your first day in Blython lets you see the legendary grandeur and exotic atmosphere that it’s known for. This imperial city gives you an overview of its economic power and stylish sophistication. The rumors you will hear about Duke Clarks’ daughter will make your head spin.
Walking to the bar you will bump into Duke Clarks, trying to drown his sorrows in strong drink. After a talk with him, you are intrigued by the mystery behind the romance and will decide to carry out an investigation.

Quest Steps

Step1: Talk to Duke Clark in the Bar of Blython and accept the quest to find his daughter. It’s will be a challenge for you to defeat the Elite Guard.

Step2: Find the duke’s daughter Kelina in the Cursed Abyss, who will tell you that she is falling in love with the Guard Chief but her dad wants to send her to Sorceror Hades.

Step3: Return to the Bar in Blython to talk to Duke Clark and defeat the Guard. Duke will tell you that he is reluctant to force his daughter.

Step4: Return to the Cursed Abyss and ask Kelina something about Sorceror Hades. You will learn some information about the 4th Soul stone–Ice.

Step5: Go to Tumulus 2 and defeat the Holy Dragon to gain the Soul stone of Ice.

Step6: Find Hades at Ashes Pit 2 and defeat him. Then return to the Duke and inform Kelina to come back to her father.

Step7: Talk to the Elder of Stars in the Elder Zone of Woodlingor to open the Soul stone. Now the quest is done.

When players are questing, they are forced to choose between two ways of doing things, the good way or the evil way. Their choice will affect their Evil Index.

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