Myth War II: NPC Guide # 1

Every NPC in Myth War II Online assumes certain functions and will be around all the time when the second Gods War breaks out – they’re not just available to senior players or bosses. But their stories are mysterious and sometimes frightening – let the Myth War Online team reveal the deeper secrets of NPCs in the following introduction.

Map view
Sky Passage is the village where rookies can take their first steps in the game, and develop the basic combat skills you need to survive. It used to be a holy site, prosperous and densely inhabited. But as disagreements among gods escalated into evil and bitter battles, the gods were killed and Sky Passage was destroyed. Even today, you can still see the gleam in people’s eyes at the mere mention of this ancient village. Today, Sky Passage is where the armed forces will be trained for the war brewing on the Rarus Continent.

Race Instructor Lanbo & Skill Mentor Laney
Lanbo and Laney are brother and sister – Lanbo is a Race Instructor and Laney is a Skill Mentor. As early as the breakout of the first Gods War, they joined the war, risking their lives to fight without fear, contributing hugely for the benefit of their fellow man. After the war, they came to Sky Passage and became teachers to help beginners learn the best combat skills. The dragon Lanbo rides and Laney’s best friend, the eagle, are ancestors of the formidable twin beasts Arafa and Atina on Rarus Continent. The twin beasts are remembered by people for their daring deeds while defeating Arpadis, the netherworld Berserker.
Function: Pass on race and combat related knowledge to rookies.

Skill Guide Hiller
Hiller is a Skill Guide and used to be the smartest on Rarus Continent. Years ago, he worked on a very risky experiment, failed and lost his memory after an explosion in his laboratory. Fortunately, despite no knowledge of his past, he still possessed his incredible skills. The Gods transported him to Sky Passage and he now serves as a decision maker for all issues regarding teaching rookies.
Function: Teach rookies how to learn skills

Pet Manager Bobomi
Bobomi is a Pet Manager in Sky Passage. He comes from a long line of pet tamers. He remembers that in his childhood, every time he opened his eyes, different pet eggs presented themselves to him. In this way, he came to know everything about these arrogant and dangerous creatures. After the Gods appointed him to be the Pet Manager in Sky Passage, he has worked hard to keep everyone happy.
Function: Transfer the knowledge of taming pets to rookies

Battle Instructor Fran
Fran is a Battle Instructor in Sky Passage. As a deity beast, Fran has much more wisdom than most Humans and Centaurs, a miraculous ability. In the first Gods War, his startling and innovative combat tactics shocked his supervisor Paladin, the Strength of God. “Attack like a violent wind” is his motto. Now he is the Battle Instructor in Sky Passage and responsible for developing and honing rookies’ fighting spirits. But in his mind, a voice is always echoing his destiny to die with honor on the battlefield.
Function: Tell rookies how to fight.

Grimreaper Karad
Karad is the Grimreaper. The only thing he despises more than the condemned residents of his fiery hell are those still living on earth. For him, dying is an art, the ultimate fulfillment of a person’s life. As the bridge between the dead and the immortal, he performs his duties by sending dead fighters to hell for eternity.
Function: Help players delete characters.

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