Myth War II: NPC Manual #2

After talking about NPCs in the Sky Passage, today the Myth War Online team has decided to make a comprehensive introduction to NPCs in Woodlingor where the real adventure begins.


Built on the legends of the nature-loving elves, the city of Woodlingor has the same peace and tranquility and amazing eco-attractions. Many species of plants bloom under the full sun. Here you can find places to buy gear, store your valuables, relax and get juicy gossip and approach the local government. There are more than 30 NPCs here. Woodlingor is governed by a five-member council with members elected at large.

Ilunga: Lansquenet Official
Rarus Continent residents are inclined to think that Ilunga is a war-loving psycho because of his obsession with extreme fighting. Over the past 900 years, he and his army have never stopped fighting to fulfill the dream of imperial rule in Rarus Continent. He, with his knowledge of the killing arts, fatal spells, black magic and robot application, has killed all those in his path. Among all NPCs, such a man like Ilunga that specializes in martial skills and spell casting is rare. It is said that he is cracking a proficiency acquisition book to learn skills used to open the legendary Pearl Gate.

Function: Give players more skill-based challenges.


Cardillo: Whisperor
Rumor Scrolls, those bits of parchment spreading rumors of deeds done are a unique feature on Rarus Continent. Whisperors are the legal owners of these scrolls. Cardillo is the only Whisperor in Woodlingor. However, reveal his real identity to discover he is the president of the Shapeshifting Development Association. Shapeshifting potions they developed gave him a human avatar.
Function: Helps players spread rumors.


Melinda: Nurse
As the best health care expert in Whisperor, Melinda will strike you with her impeccable taste and sharp insight. She may not be the most gifted, but her exceptional diligence has helped bring out her talents. She believes she will be paid well for her hard work.
Function: Restores players’ HP and MP.


Ignis: Hunter
Ignis is famous for his ugly-looking scar received while in brutal combat with the Beastmen army during a hunt. He used a veil to cover his scar but ended up with more attention, so he has given up on trying to hide his scar.
Function: Gives players quests to train pets.

Elder of Faith: Cervantes
Cervantes works in the Elders Zone and is one of the 13 Oracle Messengers. He knows everything about almighty spell power. Although he hates to fight, he has mastered the secrets of boosting combat potential which is a way to be reborn.
Function: Gives players plot-driven quests.

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