Myth War II Online: 2-Reborn System Avatar Preview

Myth War II Online team are proud to release some new avatars from the highly anticipated 2-Reborn System which is still under development. All character avatars will probably be ready for launch in mid-February 2009.

The 2-Reborn system is for high level characters that have completed their first rebirth and are looking for the next step; a new challenge. Reborn players will get bonus stat points and additional resistance bonuses. They can build cool personalized avatars starting with the selection of gender and class and ending with hair, skin color, clothing and body type. The game designers have been working hard to make all the common avatar personalization options available.

The great news is that the people from the Myth War online team have completed their Borg avatar concepts. The following are concept images of the new 2-Reborn Borg avatars.

Design notes:
These concept images have had a variety of influences, including ‘Blackout’ from Transformers, as well as the robot figures in Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru and Gundam Seed Destiny. Wearing heavy armour with huge wings and wielding a warhammer, the image is both terrifying and awe inspiring.

Design Notes:
Technology meets design, and we’re not talking about the latest Ipod. The smooth lines and lithe frame radiate feminity, while the high-tech helmet, tremendous wings and hardened armor exude power.

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