Myth War II Online: Dragons and Slayers Event

Myth War II Online is going to host a large scale online event called The Dragons and Slayers this month. Now stayed tuned with us to take a sneak peat into its intrigue storyline:
One such dragon, a giant that had lived innumerous lifetimes, had lived a solitary existence, guarding its dearest treasure, a huge magical gem embedded in the flesh on its long, sloping head. Slayers pursued it to the ends of the continent, and beyond, hoping to take the gem and leave their mark on history.
Becoming enraged by this violation, the dragon vowed revenge on the people for their greed and malice. Quickly torching the villages near his cave, none were spared his wrath.
Knights engaged the beast in battle. They had tricked it into following them into the Eternal Dungeon. The ten warriors were tasked by the city elders with guarding it. What came next doesn’t take a seer to figure out. 5 warriors quickly fell to its claws and were eaten alive. The other 5 managed to escape and block the door. They set elaborate traps and magical locks on the door, all in an attempt to put the beast to rest once and for all. However, in their haste to leave, they forgot about the weapons of their 5 fallen comrades. These were no ordinary weapons, they were treasures of the realm, having been forged by a skilled blacksmith and imbued with magic.
The city elders mourned the loss of these treasures and have begun recruiting new warriors to challenge the beast and get them back.
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