Myth War II Online: Easter Egg Spree

Have you tried to claim one of the specially decorated Easter Eggs in the game yet?
In Myth War II, Easter Eggs are being given away to celebrate Easter this year! Beautiful Easter Eggs are a symbol of life and renewal. When they’re enchanted, players will get epic pets by removing the seals. Below is how the flow goes:
1.        Claim Easter Eggs: Go to Blython and talk to an NPC to claim one Easter Egg.
2.        Enchant Easter Eggs: Kill monsters in Revive Arena,Snow Ridge and the Sunset Plains to enchant Easter Eggs with magic power collected from dead monsters. The process will go faster if players partner with a newbie.
3.        Receive Blessings: Talk to the Bless Fairy to receive enough blessings to hatch the Easter Eggs.
4.        Unseal Easter Eggs: After one Easter Egg is hatched, the seal on it will be automatically removed. Players will then get an epic pet. It may even be a Deity Beast. To make this even more exciting, players can claim as many Easter Eggs as they like until the event is closed.


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