Myth War II Online: Equipment Rental Updated

Equipment Rental in Myth War II offers reliable rentals of perfect weapons and armor to help you make up the difference between victory and defeat in epic battles. These items are very popular with players because they can be very useful in combat. The official team today announced that Equipment Rental will be updated every week from now on.
It must be noted that items you rent will disappear after 5 battles. Although they will be active on you character for only a short time, it is long enough for anyone wearing them to see how much they can affect combat performance.
Running around with less than perfect equipment? Still not experienced enough to don the best equipment? You don’t need to specialize in forging to create your own. Equipment Rental will grant you the access to lots of quality gear that will help you bring down tough creatures and bring glory and honor in combat.
Give Equipment Rental a shot. You will find a wide array of weapons and armor to choose from. After gearing up, you will quickly see that these items can be indispensible when facing other players in PK battles or Guild Wars.
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