Myth War II Online: Growth Paradise Opened

Myth War II is very glad to announce that Growth Paradise is available to all players after10 days test since Oct 1st. This would be especially good news for rookies because incredibly good prizes are always available for gamers to claim whenever they level up.

New gamers only need to register and activate their accounts to be qualified for special rewards which include unconventional gift packs when their characters progress through the game.

How to Reclaim Gift Packs
Create a new character ? Claim Level 10 gift packs in Growth Paradise after your new character reaches Level 10?Go to Growth Paradise to claim Level 20 gift packs? and so forth.

Gift packs

Level 10 Gift Pack: Gold, Romantic Sparks, etc.
Level 20 Gift Pack: Three Mystical Fruits, Double-Experience Roll, etc.
Level 30 Gift Pack: Pet Egg , Shapeshifting Potion,etc.

Items found in every gift packs are diverse and an excellent value for the money.

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