Myth War II Online: Kung Fu Competition System

Last time the folks from Myth War II have been kind enough to elaborate on the amazing PVP system in this mysterious game. Today they are going to reveal more secrets behind the PVP system; that is, Kung Fu PVP.

PK is non consensual PVP. It means that one of the people involved is literally fighting for their life. Some gamers may even enjoy the fun involved in killing fellow players, as sadistic as that sounds. While others prefer to engage in less stressful PVP tactics- Kung Fu PVP.

Kung Fu Competition:
Dueling is for players to have a fair fight based on a set of rules agreed upon by both parties. All PKers will benefit from the dueling system, because PVPing in specific zone will offer special titles every time players win. Gamers may even be crowned as the best PVP players.

Players of Myth War II Online can start their PVP duels by accumulating Kung Fu points and then receiving their honorary titles. Players will be rewarded with more Kung Fu points if they defeat higher level opponents or campaigning players will receive more Kung Fu points for defeating another campaign formed with a larger group of players.

Besides, the game officials will pick and rank the 10 best players based on the Kung Fu points they’ve won and award them the coveted title of Kung Fu Sage. The top 3 among the 10 best will even have their own statues in the game. All gamers winning the title of Kung Fu Sage will be rewarded with up to 10,000,000 in game gold.

How to enter:
1. Open the System Setting interface and toggle duel on/off by clicking on the Duel button. The default duel toggle is on. Players can turn it off by left clicking it.
2. Click on the Attack button or hit ALT+A and target one player to request a duel. If the targeted player has duel toggled on, both parties will enter a fight immediately.
3. In order to make sure PVP is done fairly, both parties will start with full HP and MP when the duel starts. HP and MP will automatically switch back to their previous levels when their duel ends. No penalties will be inflicted upon both parties involved in a duel.

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