Myth War II Online: Pet Animation and Game Music #3

Myth War II Online is a MMORPG classic that integrates the charm of mythological creatures, an enticing quest system, and excellent pet animation. Last week, the game designers offered us a glimpse into their keyframe-based pet animation. Now, it’s time again to refresh and update our knowledge about pets in game while enjoying the subtle and soothing beauty of the in game music.

Humanoid Pets Animation:
Humanoid pets are agile and physically strong. They will deal your opponents a hard blow using their physical power as well as utilizing the legendary cunning and wisdom of Human’s.

Ghost Warrior
Ghost Warriors are dead soldier-assassins whose spirits were incarnated into human bodies. If the dead could feel pride they would probably feel good about defending their homeland and protecting their masters. They show no mercy and fight without fear. Many gamers even find their graceful samurai style intimidating.

Eye Kicker
Eye Kicker’s are a titan humanoid pet and are grotesque enough to have a developed a devoted following among numerous gamers. There big battle axe provides a strong and highly visible deterrent force. One of chop of his powerful axe will easily cleave flesh from bone. Teaming up with such a combative pet, you’re sure to survive any attack.For more info, check out their official website:

Game Music:
This track is a melodious breakbeat experience that will take you into the jungle. The inspirational choir and orchestral melody matched by the lively drum beat declare that danger is approaching. Click on the below link to listen and download the soundtrack:

2) The heart tugging emotion created by the electronic bass and drum arrangements as well as the mixing of select sound effects delivers euphoric pleasure when adventuring in game. The gushy lines of the melody are emotionally manipulative and impossible to resist. Click on the below link to listen and download the soundtrack

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