Myth War II Online: Pet Animation and Game Music #4

Flying Pets are some of the fastest moving pets in the game. Their powerful wings will take them anywhere they like, even within reach of the stars in heaven. They fly and fight, earning your trust with their timely and swift attacks from above. Now the people from Myth War II Online are sharing their thoughts on these pets with everyone. Also, they are making som music recommendations. It promises to be a wonderful and inspirational experience.

Flying Pets
Good PKers in game are always supposed to make the first move. Flying pets, famous for their high movement speed, are always a good choice in a PvP companion.

River Spirit
Pets called River Spirit are real demons. They have wings and hold a Death Scythe in their hands. They are swiftly moving skeletons that will anyone other than their owners. Their aggressive attacks, amazing killing speed and high ATK growth rate are very helpful once you become involved in PKing.

Mosquitoes are group flyers. They take advantage of their opponents by ganging up for a group attack then slowly killing them with their Poison.

Game Music Recommendations
The intriguing melodic texture incorporates popular Arabic rhythms and a sense of mystery, leading to exploration of temptation and fear. Listening to the sounds paints pictures in the mind. A burning sun; a camel sauntering through an endless desert. The scorching sand and the gloomy sky in Desert City indicate a harsh journey.
Not all music will create spiritual hideouts for listeners. Drowning in gloomy melodies is no way to live. The feeling of madness and death walking close at hand creates a desire for escape. The Hellish darkness almost snuffs the life like a candle at the end of its wick.

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