Myth War II Online: Pet Details and Game Music #5

At first sight, most warriors falter, terrified of their impending death. Or if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who have fought with a dragon, you know they are a warrior’s dream. With a dragon at your side, you are unbeatable. Today, the people from the Myth War Online team are spreading the news about these regal pets.

Dragon Pet Animation
Dragons, a myth shared by all cultures, are symbolic of the principle of terrifying force. With these beasts on your side, combat will never be as difficult as it seemed before.

Bog Nightmare
They are ruthless, and the most dangerous animals to roam the swamps. They have high anti chaos and are their own masters. You must nail everything, including your gear and combat skills before heading out to have a hard hitting fight against them to make them your pet. If you emerge victorious, it’s worth it in the end because Bog Nightmare’s possess fabulous combat abilities and deal a tremendous amount of damage to their opponents

Demon Dragon
They have three heads and live in Demon Square. They are merciless creatures with hearts of stone. Once engaged in combat, they will battle it out to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. With high fire resistance, STR and AGI rate, they are a perfect choice to kill your opponents quickly. But with so many warriors seeking them, their numbers have dropped to almost nothing.

Game Music Recommendation
It is a nice melodic arrangement played in the Christmas Spirit. The magical power of the music evokes feelings of a spectacularly beautiful Christmas Carol, the best music to listen to while questing in game and celebrating the holidays.

The melody itself is phenomenal. This New Year’s song is teamed with the swinging rhythm befitting the mood of a New Year’s party.

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