Myth War II Online: Quest Walkthrough – Dark Soul Stone

Last week, the Myth War Online team introduced the story of the Light Soul Stone. Today, they are again inviting you to embark upon another great crusade to fight evil, uphold justice, and gain honor and bountiful rewards. Now, pay close attention – your life is about to turn into a perilous adventure!

Players who have a Light Soul Stone will find they are much stronger than before. At this time, you are ready to begin saving innocent residents in Demon Square from untold miseries. Demon Square is in peril and people living there are suffering, so anyone who can help bring the Demon Square people through this crisis will be rewarded with a Black Soul Stone.

Quest details
Black Soul Stone-a tale of enchantment and heroic adventures
By pure chance you have come across the story of the unknown monsters in Demon Square. The governor there told you that these unknown monsters breezed in and then suddenly disappeared from sight. It was believed that they were engaged into an under-the-table deal, so armed adventurers were gathered together to try to discover these monster’s ugly secrets. Leaving no stone unturned, you started your own deep investigation and uncovered a tempting discovery that would entail danger for everyone involved. In the fine line between life and death, only a hero can realise their own salvation?

Quest steps
Step1: Talk to the Guard Captain(38, 40) in City Hall in Demon Square.
Step2: Talk to Sheet Michael (200, 96), Hammer Hans (235, 166), Cool Kewl (140, 340), Braggered Noel (185, 190), and Wily Carlton (56, 260) in Demon Square (You need to choose the third option in the dialogue box). Then fight with Captain?50,251? in Demon Square.
Step3: After finishing the above, you need to return to City Hall and talk to the Captain again. Then go find Legeoma(65,294) in Demon Square and fight with Vourk(219, 95) in Devil’s Gate.
Step4: Return to Demon Square and fight with Legeoma?65.294?and you will gain Soulstone of Dark when you defeat him.

Black Soul Stone, Evil Index, Gold, Experience and level 2 Class Title.

After you have collected the Light Soul Stone and Black Soul Stone, you will surely have extensive knowledge of this game at your command. From here onwards, the elementary quests are finished, and you are compelled to take on tougher fights against more crushing opponents.

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