Myth War II Online: Reborn 2 Avatar Board Launched

The Reborn 2 system in this game is for high level characters that have completed their first rebirth and are looking for the next step; a new challenge, a bigger world to explore, hundreds of new adventures to embark on and spectacular battles to overcome. Now the people from the Myth War team are going to give us an overview of the working mechanism of the second rebirth and some beautiful pictures of Reborn 2 Humans.

This system is an upgrade option for gamers to improve their attributes, resistances, weapons and armor. After being reborn characters will gain additional bonus attribute stat points and enhanced growth rate and resistances with new cool avatars to show off.

Also, players involved in the rebirth 2 process can choose a new direction for their characters’ gender and class. These characters’ names will be purple colored to distinguish them. Well, before bringing it on, the Myth War 2 team is going to briefly go over the complicated process of being reborn.

Step 1 First rebirth must be completed.
Step 2 200 Reputation Points will be lost during a successful rebirth. Note that
the rebirth will fail without enough Reputation Points.
Step3 The second rebirth can be started once your character reaches level 120. You can also be reborn at level 124 and you will receive an extra 8 bonus stats points for each level after level 120.
Step 4 Players must learn skills from grade 1 to grade 4 and level these skills to 50.
Step 5 Professional titles must be power leveled to the top grade and all five soul stones need to be collected.
Step 6 Players must have a Level 80 combat pet.
Step 7 Players must complete all the rebirth quests.

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