Myth War II Online: Spread Rumors on April FoolsÂ’ Day

Today the folks from Myth War II official team release what event they have prepare for the upcoming April Fools’ Day.
The Rumor system in the game is designed to help players spread gossips. By offering a Rumor Scroll to an NPC, rumors will be spread all over the place. Rumor Scrolls in the game are categorized into two types: Rewards Rumor Scrolls and Gimmick Rumor Scrolls.

Therefore on that special day, all you need to do is to explore more of the rumors that are always going around Rarus Continent. So bust out your best lies and get ready for some fool’s day fun!

Rewards Rumor Scrolls

Rumor Mongers will receive prizes if their gossips or rumors are spread using Rewards Rumor Scrolls and are believed by more than 20 players. If one player named Tornado starts up a rumor saying he found treasure in Ashes Pit and passes this rumor around via the Ashes Pit Rumor Scroll, he will win an epic necklace.

Gimmick Rumor Scrolls

Gimmick Rumor Scrolls are doctored for an in-game reputation boost. Rumors passed on by this type of Scroll can either be commercial promotional stunts or some good words about you, like Tornado is a very honest business man, or Tornado is very cute and attractive. The goal of these rumors is to stick in players minds and finally come true.

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