Myth War II: Protector System Preview

Myth War II (, the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG (, continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players.

Recently many players have been inquiring about the new Protector System in Myth War II, so the Myth War team has come through and offered some detailed information about the 3 steps used to create a statue, the Patron saint bonus and the Changing Spirit Lords.

1. Statue creation

First step: The Guild Leader goes to the Guild HQ and chooses a Spirit Lord to worship through “Sacrifice”. There are six Spirit Lords. They are the Justice God, Wisdom God, Strength God, Flame God, Darkness God and Hades. The higher the guilds level, the more Spirit Lords they can worship.

Second step: Guild Leaders must lead the guild members to challenge five Watchmonsters and the Spirit Lord. Combat should be initiated successively one by one until the Spirit Lord is defeated. There is no break for restoration. If the Guild Leader is killed during the period, the challenge fails.

Third step: After the challenge is successful, the Spirit Lord will become the guild’s patron saint and a statue of the Spirit Lord will be erected in the Guild HQ.

2. Change Spirit Lords

The six Spirit Lords possess 3-4 kinds of resistances respectively. If a guild gets a patron saint, the guild members can choose two kinds of resistance the Lord possesses as a main resistance and sub-resistance. Below are the optional patron saint bonuses:

Justice God:Hypnosis Resistance, Physical Resistance, Critical Resistance

Wisdom God:Chaos Resistance, Physical Reflection, Magical Reflection

Strength God:Stun Resistance, Pierce, Berserk Resistance, Critical Resistance

Flame God:Fire Resistance, Ice Resistance, Combo Resistance, Counterattack Resistance

Darkness God:Dark Resistance, Light Resistance, Death Resistance

Hades :Drain Resistance, Poison Resistance, Frailty Resistance

3. Patron saint bonus

Once the statue of a Spirit Lord is erected, the guild receives the blessing of that Spirit Lord. Then, the guild members can choose two of its resistances as a main resistance and sub-resistance.

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