Myth War II: PVP System Overview

You may try to play Myth War II without dabbling in PVP. But as an integral, not to mention wildly popular, part of the game, PVP is inevitable.

Taking grief from high level characters in PVP combat may be daunting task, especially when they have no problem rubbing it in after they win. The intelligence involved, skill and ability use, and strategic choices are only a few of the things that can and must be learnt from extensive PVP experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a PVP arena, engaged in large scale guild wars or one-on-one duels, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat will definitely impart things that will help you when battling computer opponents. The people from Myth War understand the importance of PVP, but at the same time they also seek to keep it from becoming a way of bullying new players or getting out of hand. So, today they will be explaining some of the basics, so that everyone can participate and have a fair shot at glory!

Toggle PVP on
In Myth War II Online, players are allowed to take on a human opponent, then fight or even kill them. But repeated “ganking”, as the act of unfairly attacking and killing of low level characters has come to be known, may ruin the game by the sheer brutality involved when attacking players who are at a significant disadvantage, or without warning. Thus specific rules have been made to address this. Players are required to abide by certain PVP codes of practice to ensure fair game play.
To toggle PVP on, players must draw support from Devil’s Blood which is sold in groceries and in the Item Mall. However, Devil’s Blood does not work for players below Level 50, ensuring a rigorous amount of time in game spent learning how to fight before being thrown to the wolves, so to speak. After Devil’s Blood is activated, players can attack other players with toggle duel off. To start PVP, players press the attack button and left click on a target character to initiate an attack. An information popup will tell them that they are entering PVP combat. After the target receives the warning message of being attacked and toggles the PVP flag on, both parties are engaged in PVP combat immediately.
The PVP initiator can not run away from a PVP fight. But the person being attacked has two options: defend himself or attempt to escape. A dishonorable kill of a specific player will yield a reduction in the Evil Index. As PVP kills are tallied up, jail terms could be prolonged. The reduction in the Evil Index will affect death penalties incurred as well. PVP players will recover 10% HP after a PVP death takes them to their bind points. But if players being attacked are below Level 50, they will suffer no penalty.

PVP revenge mechanic
After players are attacked and die in PVP, they can ask their friends to toggle PVP on and kill someone in revenge. However, those who engage in revenge PVP don’t have to worry about the effect on their Evil Index.

If players gain five PVP indicators within one day, they cannot be engaged in any PVP combat. The PVP indicator is related to the times players are engaged in combat and the number of player kills. Their PVP indicators will be initialized everyday. In doing so, ganking and griefing should be prevented.

PVP in Myth War is not just about ganking other players; it includes politics and teamwork. Myth War is known for its close knit community of player’s, and those that plan to engage in sadistic PVP will find themselves quickly ostracized. However, those that PVP to make themselves more complete warriors and challenge themselves with worthy opponents have nothing to fear but their next opponent’s strategies. Then you’ll know who the best of the best truly is.
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