Myth War II: Tips for Being a Billionaire

Last week, the folks behind Myth War II just revealed some tips for earning money in this game. Today they will continue to present more tips. Once a player knows the secret, it would not be a dream to be a billionaire in the fun game.

Fast Money Wins 3: Treasure Map
There is a treasure map sold at Hunter House in Woodlingor. Get that map and you’ll see there is a spot marked on the map. This spot indicates where the treasure is hidden. Get out there and get started, that treasure isn’t going to find itself! Besides the treasure, you will also get a good deal of experience and new treasure map pieces. After stringing these pieces together, you will discover a new treasure map and will dig out a necklace that is worth a king’s ransom.

Fast Money Wins 4: Guild Quests
You are well on your way to becoming rich after joining a guild. There are always some daily quests available for you to do. You can do these quests fives times a day, but you must complete them in 9 rounds to win money and experience. Also, you will have a chance to receive some mysterious income generating quests as well.

Fast Money Wins 5: Challenge the Fire God
You can team up with your game pals to kill the Fire God and get gear or other prizes. You can keep the gear you’ve won or sell them to make money. One warning, the Fire God is no pushover. Be advised, you’d better team up with a high level Female Human to complete the quest.

Fast Money Wins 6: Participate in these 4 events
These events are more suitable for players at Level 60 with a mastery of some high-level skills. They are known as the Enemies at Gates, Treasure Grabbing, The Test and Behind Enemy Lines.

You can complete these quests every day, for details check out when they are accessible at Luna’s Palace. Among them, Treasure Grabbing is the easiest. All you need to do is keep digging to find more treasure. By being a part of the other three events, you will receive valuable prizes, like high level classy gems or the fabled Armor of Dreams.

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