Myth War: In game Activities for Christmas

In order to celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season, the Myth War ( team will be holding a 27 day carnival, including Everyday Events, Everyday rewards and Puzzle Treasure.

Everyday Event:
Event Duration: 0:00(server time) on Dec 5th to 11:59 pm (server time) on Dec 31st
Event Content: Santa will appear at a random spot every 3 minutes during the event, and players can accept the quest by talking to Santa, they then need to pass the quest among certain NPCs. The last NPC players meet will offer them the rewards for completing the mission.

Everyday Rewards:
Event Duration: 0:00 (server time) on Dec 5th to 11:59 pm(server time) on Dec 31st
Event Content: Players can find the appointed NPCs to redeem rewards every 24 hours in each server. Each ID is only allowed to redeem rewards once every day.

Puzzle Treasure:
Players should collect all letters including “M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S”
Event Duration: 0:00(server time) Dec 5th to 11:59pm (server time) Dec 31st
Event Content: Players should find the map trader to buy an ordinary treasure map in Woodlingor, and then reach the place where the treasure is hidden. Also, there is an Advanced Treasure Map and its fragments are composed of the 10 letters, M, E, R, Y, C, H, I, S, T, and A. The way to find the advanced treasure is the same way to find ordinary treasure. But the rewards are more attractive; players will have the chance to obtain Dream Equipment and Christmas Pets.
1. Ordinary Treasure: Supplements; Copper Box, Iron Box, Silver Box, Fragments of Treasure Map. (Collect all fragments to obtain advanced treasure map, Gold, Experience and so on.
2. Advanced Treasure: Gold, ,Experience, Advanced necklace or Dream Equipment, Silver Box, Gold Box, Supplements, Christmas Pets and so on.

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