Myth War: Item Mall XÂ’mas New Arrivals

Christmas Day is fast approaching, so the Myth War ( team will be holding a series of activities in the item mall, as well as in the forum.

Item Mall Activity
Myth War has prepared some new items for Christmas, including the Evil Egg and Evil Egg Flask. Besides, a new interesting activity called “Billiken” VS “Mascot” will be held to entertain players.

“Billiken” vs “Mascot”
Event Duration – 0:00 EST Dec 1st –11:59pm EST Dec 31st
Event Content: Players can buy point cards to obtain credits, and then they can participate in the Egg-knocking activity. If players knock many eggs and obtain many rewards, they will be Billiken, otherwise they are Mascot.
Event Rewards – The Billiken and the Mascot can obtain one Saint Pet (Ocean Loong).
There are some slight adjustments to Egg-Knocking System, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 will represent The Top Prize, the Unexpected Prize, the Lucky Prize, the Surprising Prize and Honorable Prize respectively. The original rewards won’t be changed.

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Forum Activity
The Myth War team will be holding a “Christmas Card” show which will offer players a place to spread their wishes and hopes to all their friends and family.

Christmas Card Show
Event Content: Players should make Christmas cards with various software, and then they should post their cards with wishes and hopes in forum.
Upload Venue: MW Media Overview
Submit Your Cards Between: Dec 5th — Dec 31st
Selection Time – Jan 1 2008 — Jan 7th 2008
First (1) Oceanic Stone Pack+ Bloodstone Gem
Second – 65289;Icy Crystal Pack+Dragon Eye
Third – Chocolate+ Dragon Bone

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