Myth War New Pets/Guild War Tournament Winners

Internet Gaming Gate today announced that Chinchilla, a couple of lovely pets, will join their MMORPG Myth War. You can obtain them during Valentine’s Day Activity (on February 14th a considerable amount of Chinchillas with many other sweet items will be available as awards to all participants) or by purchasing them from Item Mall (two packages that contain the 2 pets will be put on sale in a limited period of time). They also announced the champions of last week’s Guild War Tournament (last weekend, in Server I Missouri there were 13 participants, in Server II Achernar there were 10, in Server III California there were 11 and in Server IV Alps there were 16). Also, the monthly Western Union User Activity will continue – as usual, all players who buy more than 6000 (including 6000) points through Western Union at a time will get extra 300 points. Among players who buy more than 10000 points through Western Union within the month (starting from Feb 1st till Feb 28th), five of them will have the opportunities to win Saint Claus – the winner will be announced before March 5th.

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