Myth War: New Rewards and Puzzle Hunting Activity

In order to give something back to players for their continuous support in the “Fortune Bombing” event, the Myth War ( team is glad to announce new rewards for this event.

Adjustment Time: Starts EST 0:00 (GMT-5) Nov. 1st
Prize Information
The Top Prize: Glitter Tiger or Flame Phoenix
Unexpected Prize: Holy Dragon and Any One Armor of Dream+3
Lucky Prize: Titan pet and Any One Armor of Dream+2
Surprising Prize: 1.3 growth Intelligent pet
Honorable Mentioned: 50 Fortune Bombing integrals
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Besides, a new weekly forum activity –Puzzle Hunting– is being introduced. Five puzzle pictures from the cities of Myth War will be shown. Players who are first to find the location of the pictures will get a good prize.
To get more information about it, please go here:

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