Myth War: New sentinel rules & First passel of winners in Bug Reporting

International Gaming Gate (I.G.G.) Myth War Group today present the long-awaited result of sentinels reelection and reorganization, as well as the first passel of winners in Bug-hunting contest which was launched on the 11th of April.

New sentinel system
Sentinels play a very important rule in the game. They help to stop quarrels or vituperations in any channel and inform GMs in time; they assist new players in leveling and answer their questions; they provide the official with useful information, such as game and website bugs. In a word, sentinels mean a lot to maintaining the harmony of Myth War World.
After reviewing suggestions submitted by players and after careful consideration, the official has done a lot to present a more complete and fair sentinel system. For more details please visit the following link:
First passel of winners in Bug-Hunting
In the hope of improving the quality of the game, IGG held a Bug- Hunting Event in its official Forum. This event will last for three full months (April, May and June) and the first passel of winners are just released by the official. Please head over to the following page to see if you’re one of them:

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