Myth War: New Year Activities

To celebrate the beginning of the New Year we have decided to launch a special holiday promotion. It will commence on the 1st of January and will last for about one month.

Ancient Egg Activity
Event Duration: from 0:00 PM 1st 23:59 AM 5th, Jan.
Contents of the Event: During this event the player must get ancient Egg and hatch it. Then they must follow a series of procedures from baptizing it to getting it blessed and so on. Only player with a level above 30 are qualified to participate.
Rewards: Christmas Pets, Deity Pet, Character and Pet Experience, Mystical Fruit, Gem, Essence and Armor of Dreams.
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Pet Fighting Month
Event Duration: every weekend from 5:00PM during January
Contents of the Event: During January, every weekend from 5:00pm,players can join in the pet fighting game with their pets in Desert City Hall.
Rewards: The final winner will be rewarded with 100 integrals and an Evil Egg.
To get more about the fighting details, please visit the official site at:

Get what you are Event
Event Duration: everyday from 4th Jan. to 6th Jan.
Contents of the Event: Players who use the Shape Shifting Potion for the announced pet and is the first one to find the hiding GM and join in their party will win the named pet.
Rewards: The pet that the GM has chosen.
Please visit our official site for the details of the event.

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