Myth War Online In-game Olympic Torch Relay

Event Background: Nothing is fiercer than the competition of the Olympics. Each match is a test of mental and physical strength and endurance. More than that, the spirit of teamwork is more important. Of course, the spirit of teamwork is an important aspect of Myth War ( too.

The Olympic Torch Relay started on March 24th. In order to welcome the Olympics, the Myth War team will be holding an In-Game Olympic Torch Relay event.

Event Duration: From 3:00pm to 5:00pm on April 19th and April 26th (server time)

Event Contents:
1. The GM will ask players some questions in the System channel. The first two players who answer correctly can take part in the In-game Olympic Torch Relay.
2. Go and find the GM in the appointed city and obtain 3 fireworks from the GM. Then ignite one of the fireworks.
3. Give the other two fireworks to one of your friends in another city and ask your friend to ignite one of the fireworks.
4. Your friend should go to the appointed city and give the third fireworks to another GM in the appointed city. Meanwhile, your friend should also correctly answer the GM’s questions.
5. The team who finishes the relay with the fastest time will be the winner.

Event Rewards: 100 Fortune Bombing Integrals and Super Roses.

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