Myth War Online: Marriage System Preview

Myth War Online, a classic MMORPG from IGG (, is going to release a much anticipated update.
The update will bring two brand new systems, marriage system and brother system. Today we’re going to preview the marriage system first.
The Marriage System contains the new marriage process, marriage requirements, divorce functions, couples’ skills and so on.

1. Marriage Process:
A man and a woman who want to marry should team up, find the Priest in the Church and propose a marriage application.
The priest will hold a wedding within 30 minutes. The captain can set the gold sum for the wedding and then invite friends to attend the wedding and draw the red envelopes. The money should be one million at least in total, 50 thousand per red envelope. Each friend can draw one.
The more money, the longer the wedding lasts. When all the envelopes have been drawn, the wedding is over. A wedding cannot exceed 30 minutes. If the wedding is over, the rest of the red envelopes will belong to the system.
The system will help the two players to announce their wedding in the world channel and send messages to their friends at the same time.
After the wedding, the two players will obtain the couple title.
Another wedding can be held only after the one before is finished.

2. Marriage requirements:
It must be a male and a female ID to marry.
Their friendship degree should be 5000+.
The two sides should talk to the priest in a team.
They should hand over at least one million gold for the wedding.

3. The function of Marriage
Both sides will obtain a couples title like “The partner’s nickname + Husband or Wife”.
After completing the couple’s quest together, the two players will learn the Couple’s Skill. There is a chance to use this skill in future battles.
Their names will appear on the top of their partner’s friend list.
Both of them can purchase a new house, employ a babysitter and buy furniture to deposit things and decorate their new home.

4. The function of home and furniture
Purchasing a new house at the house selling NPC and build their own home.
One special function of the home is that the couple can hire a babysitter to keep things like a private warehouse.
The babysitter should be paid regularly. Players can deposit and draw things, set a password and change its name freely.
Another special function of the home is that the couple can buy furniture to decorate the home.
Collection: Players can obtain some collections by completing some quests or activities to decorate the house.
Special furniture: Players can purchase some special furniture from the Mall. For example, the Message Machine can check their spouse’s last online time and the latest messages.
Furniture costs a certain maintenance fee regularly. If players haven’t paid for a long time, the furniture will be useless. It can be only used again after players have paid.
All things kept in the furniture should be drawn before a divorce. Or else, things will be missing.
The couple can also invite other players to be their teammates, and then they will be teleported to the couple’s home to pay a visit.

5. Couple’s Skill
The two players will learn a Couple Skill after completing the couple’s quest in a team.
If a group has a couple in it, in every battle when one of the couple attacks, there is a chance for them to use this special skill.
The Couple Skill is a random assistant skill
The chance of unleashing the Couple’s Skill depends on the friendship degree of the couple.

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