Myth War Online: Video Contest & Forum Suggestion Contest Results Announced

International Gaming Gate (IGG) Myth War Group announced results of two recently closed contests-
Video Contest Result-
Started on Mar.13rd, 2007, First Myth War Video Contest was successfully closed on Apr.13rd, 2007. During the keen competition, up to 40 video trailers have been submitted to the event page. Some of them are particularly excellent in both content and editing skills. As promised, the official will show the greatest works on the website. To know more about the winners and their wonderful masterpiece, please visit:

Forum Suggestion Contest Result-
This contest started from EST 03:00, Apr.10th, 2007 and lasted till EST 03:00, Apr.16th, 2007. During that period, I.G.G. Myth War Forum was visited by loads of Myth War players and they submitted tons of innovative suggestions and advices to the official. After careful evaluation, I.G.G. announced the winner list on their website; please visit the following link to know more:

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