Myth War Summer Holiday Carnival & New Payment Method Release

With summer passing along merrily, the official Myth War team has collaborated with the game developer to prepare a wonderful “fun-feast” to serve all players—a series of special contests including a Quiz Contest, Vision Contest, Bitter Choice and PVP which will lead to the completion of an awesome mission handed down from thousands of years ago.
For those who have always dreamed of being a hero, please pluck up your courage and take the challenge. To be the hero, to realize your dreams! We wish you good luck and great fun!
Time: From August 24th to September 15th
Afternoon Event: 3:00 PM—-5:00 PM
Evening Event: 8:00 PM—-10:00 PM
Woodlingor: you can accept the quest from the corresponding NPC in Woodlingor and be teleported to the 1st layer of the Eternal Dungeon.
The First Layer(Ruined Gateway): Quiz Contest
The Second Layer(Foggy Jail): Vision Contest
The Third Layer(Sealed Jail): Search for the key
The Fourth Layer(Eternal Well): the Bitter Choice
The Fifth Layer(Decisive Room): PVP
The Sixth Layer(Rotten Pool): Challenge the Elder Dragonkin
For more details about the quest background, contest guidelines, rules and rewards, please head over to the following URL:

Another piece of good news for all Myth War fans is:

A new payment method is now available, called ClickandBuy, it is now available for you to choose when buying Point Cards. For more details please look here:

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