Mythos Update: Arts and Crafts

Mythos Update: Arts and Crafts

One of the features central to the forthcoming Hack-and-Slash MMO Mythos is the comprehensive crafting system. Gamers can break down items looted from one of the dangerous dungeons or stolen from a nasty monster to create more powerful items from the individual pieces. Players have their choice of three specialities in the skill tree: “Terran”, “Sylvan” and “Etheral”. Utilising enhancement bonuses and by collecting skill points, players are able to forge the game’s most powerful items.


Spoilt for choice
In every skill tree, there are specialisations for different types of weaponry and armour. For example, in the “Terran” category you can craft items like swords or breastplates. In the “Etheral” category, players have the option to create magical items like a magic wand or garments. Firearms can be made using the “Sylvan” tree. Each category features six enchantments, such as fire damage or poison protection, with which items can be further upgraded. After every hard fought level up, Mythos monster mashers are awarded two skill points. There are over 100 different abilities in the three specialisations for players to choose from. As points are awarded, these options are unlocked and determine what type of items can be crafted. Players can decide themselves about which type of weaponry they want to specialise in, or which skill tree they want to beef up.


Mythos players have their choice of three specialities in the skill tree: “Terran”, “Sylvan” and “Etheral”.


For the decisive and the adrenaline junkies
After building up their skills, gamers can place a slot in their completed items. By placing crafted heraldries in these slots, players receive a temporary buff, such as increased life points. The temporary buffs are perfect if you find yourself suddenly in some dank dungeon and need to teach an unruly monster some manners. Being clever with your skill points, as well as upgrading with enchantments, is the ultimate determination as to how powerful your crafted items can become. Additionally, when crafting items, gamers can decide how high to set each attribute, for example speed. However, the higher the attribute is cranked, the chances of the crafting process going haywire increase. But with that increased risk, comes the potential for a better end product. Tinkering with your items after the hunt is guaranteed to provide a thrill.



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