N.E.O Online: Reinforcement and Featured Skills Unveiled

N.E.O Online: Reinforcement and Featured Skills Unveiled

PlayOMG, a worldwide publisher of online games, today releases more information about its upcoming title, N.E.O Online, a new free-to-play MMORPG. Those seeking a fun and free way to experience the game can participate in activities such as hunting, collecting, fishing and more. The game is scheduled for its public beta test this spring. PlayOMG unveils more game features including reinforcement system and living skills.



Crafting unique items has always been a lot of fun in MMO games and N.E.O Online is no exception. Fair stones can be found throughout the mysterious world and those are essentials for reinforcing weapons or armors. A successful reinforcement would increase the power of item depending on type of fair stone, which can generate thousands of combination of add-on attributes.



Moreover, when obtaining high-grade items or fair stones, players can make an appraisal to release additional values.

N.E.O Online is designed to bring new gaming experience to gamers. In addition to battling monsters, gamers are able to enjoy the game through various living skills including collecting, mining, weaving, fishing, cooking and much more. Those skills are necessary for certain quests that can give reward of skill points. The dyeing technique brings numerous possibilities to style your hero. Exclusive color palette is offered for creating unique costume. The manufacturing skill even provides an alternative way to acquire splendid items. Players can produce items such as food, weapon and fair stone. For those gamers willing to live a ranch life, N.E.O Online offers more than just beautiful scenery; it is also a great place to enjoy many recreational interests.


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