Nadirim Announces Commercial Release

Nadirim Announces Commercial Release



Twisted Tribes has announced the launch of their Arabian-themed fantasy MMORPG, Nadirim, featuring magical quests, djinn wars, and a slew of mythical creatures to you to team up with friends and take down. The game features a distinct turn-based strategic gameplay and PvP all within the comfort of your browser.



Nadirim promises players will be captivated by their story based on the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights along with hand-drawn graphics, cultural music, and tactics gameplay that will challenge your skills as a general.



“Nadirim gives players an unforgettable experience. That was always our main goal with the game and that is our mission as a company.” Said Balazs Sipocz, Twisted Tribe’s CEO. “Nadirim is magic in the making!”



Beginning with just a small weapon and some basic armor, players are challenged to roam the empire of Nadirim, customizing their hero and joining up with other players to combat the spreading darkness of the Jin. As the eternal sunshine begins to fade, the darkness grows stronger and will challenge players to darker and more devilish monsters.



Twisted Tribe also promises the first expansion is on the way! Versions of the game besides English are also planned and on the way soon. Come back later this week as OnRPG sends Proxzor in to give this game an updated review.

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