Nadirim Introduces Skill System

Nadirim Introduces Skill System


Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe reveal a new gameplay feature: the skill system in Nadirim which works with two specialization skill trees of each character class.

This is what they have told us so far:


Skill types

Altogether, there are seven skill categories in the game:


Offensive (red skills)
These skills focus on dealing damage to your opponent and lowering his health (HP). Their potential is derived from either your characters’ Damage attributes (these determine your destructive ability) or from the Arcane Talent attributes (these determine your ability with curses or enchantments).


Defensive (silver skills)
These skills will enable you to either defend yourself better, or to defend others by drawing attackers to yourself.


Buff (blue skills)
Buffs are benevolent charms that can give you or your allies the sometimes dearly-needed advantage for victory.


Debuff (orange skills)
These skills weaken your opponents, causing them damage for a given time or possibly even putting them out of battle for a few turns.


Tricks (purple skills)
Always expect the unexpected when someone uses a Trick. This may mean that somebody misses a turn, can’t use his skills, or might even act twice in a turn.


Healing (green skills)
Heal your allies and yourself. Chant songs that, gradually over time, will heal anyone who hears them.


Passive (yellow skills)
These skills will grant you new abilities and various passive bonuses.


Skills vary not just in their effect, but also in their cool-downs, available targets and effect durations.


Nadirim Introduces Skill System


When can I learn skills?

Every time you level up you are awarded skill points you can spend on acquiring new skills or upgrading existing ones.


The leftmost part of your screen shows your character. The number under your portrait is your current level, and the number in the blue circle shows how many skill points you have accumulated.


You will also see your minions (if you have any) in the left side of the screen. You will be able to acquire new skills for each of them, as well.


How do I learn a skill?

To learn a skill, you need to select it from one of three skill trees displayed in the middle of the screen.


Every class has two specialization skill trees and a tree for basic skills. There are major differences between them. You don’t need to learn skills from your basic skill tree, as these are awarded automatically as you level up. Your basic skill tree contains skills that are vital for your class, while your two specialization skill trees let you decide how to further develop your character.


Each skill has requirements, and you can only learn a it if you meet these and have already learned the skill that precedes it in the skill tree. If the connection between two skills is red it means you cannot advance in the skill tree.


The small number on a skill icon represents its level. To learn or upgrade a skill, click on the green arrow beside it.
How do I use skills?


You don’t need to do anything with passive skills as they work automatically once you acquire them. However, this is not the case with the other skill types.


Active skills are always used in combat, but you cannot take all of your skills with you at once into battle. You only use the skills in your active preset. A skill oreset is basically a bag of skills that will be available for you in combat.


Your presets are shown in the lower right-hard corner of your screen. To equip a skill into one of your skill sets just drag it from the skill tree into the presets in the lower right -hand corner of your screen. As your character develops, you will be able to bring more and more skills with you into a fight, giving you more tactical options in combat.


To make one of your presets the active preset, just click on the icon in the upper right corner.


Reward box

You can acquire new skills from sources other than skill points, for example you can win them as rewards. Such skills are depleted after a fixed amount of uses and appear in the box on the upper right-hand section of your screen.

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