Navyfield Europe celebrated its 2nd anniversity this weekend

On Sunday October 11th, eFusion MMOG celebrates the 2nd anniversary of Navy Field Europe. NFEU players will be able to earn many bonuses around this date.

Already the day before, on Saturday October 10th 2009, the chance for Veterans will be 50% higher.

On Sunday, October 11th, the chance for Veterans will be even doubled and in addition the Exp, Credits and Points gain will be increased by 50%. More over all players playing NFEU on this day will have a chance to receive one of the Premium Item Bundles in a lottery.

Furthermore the whole week after, from October 12th until 18th, the gain of Exp, Credits and Points will be +25% in normal rooms.

From October 10th, a special NFEU Premium Item Bundle with a exclusive Destroyer MP as a bonus will also become available.


Navyfield Europe - 2nd Anniversery

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