Nearly 170.000 Dragons Trained First Week of Evan Update

Nearly 170.000 Dragons Trained First Week of Evan Update


Nearly 170,000 dragons were hatched and trained during the first week of the new Dragon Master Evan character’s introduction to Nexon America’s MapleStory.  The introduction of the new class gives players access to the most graphically impressive attacks in the game.  In the lore of MapleStory, Evan, an ordinary farm boy from Henesys, stumbles upon an egg that hatches into a baby dragon. Chosen to be a hero, this young Dragon Master in training must tame and raise the dragon, while helping others along the way. 
The dragon companion’s growth and strength is directly linked to the character’s level progression. As the character levels up, the dragon becomes stronger and more skilled. Players get to watch their dragon companion grow from a cute baby dragon into a ferocious beast with skills that can take down an entire mob of monsters at once.

Dragon Master Evan Maple Story Gameplay

Dragon Master Evan attacks enemies through the dragon companion that they hatch and train to become more powerful, unlike any other character class in MapleStory. An example of a powerful attack that dragon companions are capable of is “Dark Fog,” an attack that fills the air with dark clouds and unleashes lightning bolts that kill all monsters in sight.
The two inseparable companions grow together and help each other perform heroic deeds.

Maple Story Dragon Master Evan

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