Neo Steam: A New Horizon

Adventurers journey to a long-lost island in search of riches and new challenges! Atlus Online’s fantasy-steampunk massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, has unveiled the elusive Rope Isle, an island wracked by war. Thanks to the clamor of Atlus Online’s members and a successful petition, the new map destination was opened, furthering the turbulent lore of the shattered continent.
“Our community spoke, and we always strive to listen,” says Alice Ly, Online Marketing and Portal Manager, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. “Rope Isle is an integral part of the game’s history. It was the epicenter of change and later became a key point of contention in the war to harness Neo Steam.  We agree with our fans that this map marks a powerful addition to Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent.”
Rope Isle, once known as Acydia, was the source of the catastrophic earthquake that split the continent of Chrysalis. As the landmasses began to drift apart, desperate inhabitants instinctively fashioned cables to keep their world together. Alas, the attempt was futile and left Acydia a tangle of ropes and chains – resulting in its fitting nickname. Rope Isle remains a central part of the struggle in the new world, as it houses vast amounts of the ore used to harvest Neo Steam, a precious resource necessary to fuel most progress, travel, and industry across the nations.    
The battle over Neo Steam takes place between two warring states – the Kingdom of Elerd and the Republic of Rogwel. From the onset, customization is key to each player’s experience, as they pledge allegiance to their homeland of choice and select from a number of specialized classes. As players battle to expand their nation’s resources and protect their borders from invasion, they must learn to harness steam technology to upgrade their equipment, learn new abilities, and progress in their chosen class. Adding to the immersive aspect of the fantasy-steampunk world in Atlus Online’s first MMO, the game also features various forms of steam-based machines and vehicles for faster in-game traveling.


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