Neosteam Europe enters closed beta

Leading European MMOG Publisher gamigo AG announces the closed beta start of the Free-To-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game NeoSteam. From today, the first players will populate the server and take a glimpse at the all new English translation of the revamped European version. Everyone who registers at the official website has the chance to get one of the exclusive testing slots.

Join the Steam Wars Now!

In NeoSteam players take part in the epic battle between the Kingdom of Elerd and the
Republic of Rogwell. While the citizens of Elerd rely on magical spells, the republic uses
their technological advantage in battle. No matter which side of the conflict a hero stands
for, his most important resource will be the eponymous NeoSteam. This commodity
serves different applications such upgrading equipment, fueling transportation vehicles
and crafting mighty battle machines.

The user-created robots, tanks and other vehicles set NeoSteam apart from every other
free-to -play MMORPG. Players have complete freedom creating powerful machines and
taking them to battle in exciting PvP skirmishes. Of course NeoSteam offers all benefits
of other MMORPGs, such as multiple races and classes with unique skills, a huge world
full of exciting quests, monsters to fight and a extensive guild system.

Closed Beta Now Open!

“We are looking forward to reactions of the first EU NeoSteam players, beginners and
former testers from the US server alike”,
says Kerstin Bock, Product Manager of
NeoSteam. “We hope they will enjoy our completely revamped version and help us to put
the final touch on the all new translations.”

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