NeoSteam – gamigo Launches the World’s First Steampunk MMORPG!

Gamigo, one of Europe’s leading massively multiplayer online games publishers is pleased to announce the English commercial launch of the free to play steampunk MMORPG NeoSteam. After a successful beta phase, all can now join the epic battle between the mystical Elerd Kingdom and the technophile Republic of Rogwel. Players can register absolutely free, download the game and start playing immediately.
The Quest for NeoSteam
NeoSteam is set in an impressive, cool 3D fantasy world full of challenging quests and thrilling PvP-battles. Players enter an alternate reality where electricity was never invented – everything is instead powered by NeoSteam. Alas, the supply of NeoSteam is finite, dragging the two major powers to an inevitable war. Battles rage between the Elerd Kingdom and Republic of Rogwel over Rope Isle – the last available source of NeoSteam.
NeoSteam can be used to power a wide range of intimidating weaponry – from terrifying muskets to steampunk battleaxes. Once players have learnt the secret of NeoSteam, they will be able to take on all comers with weaponry they themselves have constructed! NeoSteam masters can build mighty vehicles and ride across the vast and varied landscape of the NeoSteam world – so long as the player doesn’t run into trouble…
Incredible Steampunk setting
NeoSteam combines the best of the MMORPG world – community elements, individual character development and legendary battles – with a unique steampunk aesthetic. “We’re overjoyed by the response we received during the beta, and we’re excited to offer this game to a wider audience”, says Kerstin Bock, product manager for NeoSteam. “NeoSteam is a great game, we’ve got great hopes the future. We once again look forward to seeing how players take advantage of the unparalleled freedom and plentiful opportunities that the NeoSteam universe affords them…”
NeoSteam Europe Released
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